Experience the Future of Quilting

We set out to create the latest in quilting design and technology. After research with an abundance of industry experts and the savviest quilters, we developed a product that takes your creativity to a new level of perfection with added design capabilities and efficiency. Whether you’re creating cherished family heirlooms, gifts or thinking of starting a quilting business in your home, this product is the essential complement to your quilting passion. 

Visualize your passion with the PFAFF® Quilt Artist™ automated quilter. When combined with the PFAFF® GrandQuilter 18.8 and Inspira’s® 4D™ QuiltDesign Creator, you will reach a new level of precision in your work.

Reach beyond your highest expectations with PFAFF® Quilt Artist™.

PFAFF® Quilt Artist™ Automated Quilter Features:

  • 4.5” X 7” Colour Touch Screen – Easy to see and use Drop Down Menus. See the pattern in the work area prior to and during stitching
  • 160 Designs (Built In) – Start Quilting right away with a large variety of designs including blocks, corners, continuous designs, letters, number and more

  • Communication media = USB Drive (up to 2GB recommended) – Easy to use and can hold large quantities of designs

  • Easy Set Up – Smooth Belt Drives – Saves set up time and frustration. Belts are the industry standard as they are dependable

  • Easy Internet Upgrades with USB download – Upgrades are done while attached to the machine, no need to ship unit away

  • Easy Design Editing – Adjust any pattern to fit your project - Rotate (90-by-90 or degree-by-degree), Mirror (horizontal and/or vertical), Scale (auto scaling or manual, proportional or non-proportional), reposition and many other options

  • Multi Point Pattern Placement – More design possibilities as blocks don’t have to be square.

  • Horizontal and/or Vertical locks – Allows you to lock the carriage in either direction so that you can easily sew completely straight lines

  • Compatible with Inspira® 4D QuiltDesign Creator™ – Create your own designs and/or see your entire quilt before you start your project

PFAFF® QUILT ARTIST™ update to Software 3.0 - 6.23.2011
We heard that you wanted to see better stitch quality and consistency. We listened and went to work! We have made some software updates and we think you’ll be thrilled with the results!   Please read the instructions before downloading.

Robot Features 3.0 PDF
Updating to 3.0 Software PDF
3.05 UPDATE - 11/2011
3.05 QCC Update ZIP File (Please save to your computer.)
3.05 QCC Update TAR.GZ