Foot of the Month - Metal Hoops

Posted by Bree Frost

Some fabrics are more difficult to hoop than others or should not be hooped at all, since hooping can damage the fabric.

Thick and coarse fabrics can be difficult to hoop but also thin and glossy fabric. Hooping ready-to-wear garments is diffiult or impossible due to seams, narrow areas or buttons/rivets. When using the creative Grand Metal Hoop 240mm x 150mm (part #P820970-96), creative Metal Hoop 180mm x 130mm (part #P8210340-96) or the creative Petite Metal Hoop 100mm x 100mm (part #P8210980-96) hooping won't be a problem.


When you want to embroider on quilts or other projects where you do not want residuals from stabilizer on the back side, the Metal Hoops are perfect! Embroider without stabilizer. Embroidering several designs after each other or doing endless embroideries is easy, just remove the magnets and move the fabric. Ready to embroider the next design in no time!

The hoop has a flocked surface to prevent the fabric from sliding. There are raised markings on the hoop indicating the centre of the embroidery area.

Magnets are used to fix fabric to the hoop or to keep excess fabric away from the embroidery area. The magnets reduce the risk of damaging your fabric. Place the magnets evenly spaced on the hoop for best embroidery result.

When using thin stretch fabrics, velvet, suede, leather and coarse fabrics which are hard to hoop and can be damaged easily, use the hoop with an adhesive stabiliser such as INSPIRA® Light and Tacky Tear-A-Way (Part # G6201153-96). This is also the perfect solution when embroidering on readymade garments such as jackets, jeans, waistbands, pockets, collars or sleeves.

Get more value from your hoop by adding the optional accessories of the creative Hat Hoop Accessory (part #P8211380-96) or the creative Metal Hoop Fabric Guide Set ( part #P8211650-96).

With the creative Hat Hoop Accessory, you can monogram caps, hats and other projects. Simply attach the Hat Hoop Accessory to the 180 x 130mm PFAFF creative Metal Hoop and you can start embroidering letters, logos and other designs from your machine.


The creative Hat Hoop Accessory, you can monogram caps, hats and other projects. Simply attach the Hat Hoop Guide Set easily attaches onto any metal hoop and act as a barrier to keep the rest of your project out of the way while embroidering. Use guides with creative Petite Metal Hoop to easily embroider on small garments as they hold the excess fabric out of the way.

As you can see, these creative Metal Hoops are a necessity for any embroider.


To start your first project, why don't you try making the Velvet and Ribbon Make-Up Tidy by Bree Frost. This drawstring sack makes organising not even necessary for a daily routine, a special occaison for travel. Bree shows you that everyday things can be luxiourious and stylish with the use of metal hoops and embroidery sparkles.


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