Three-Groove Cording Foot part #820666096
specialty type: Decorative/Crafting Sewing

A closed, three-dimensional line is created when you use the Three-Groove Cording Foot to sew over pearl cotton or fine cord. Appliqués will look even more impressive when outlined with this three-dimensional line.

Works with machine

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What's mine?
  1. Place the cording in the foot so the front end of it feeds through one of the grooves at the front and rests under the presser foot at the back.
  2. Stitch over the cord with a narrow satin stitch, producing a pearl seam.
TIP: You can also get an interesting look by over-stitching a medium pearl thread with a thread of a different color. Special effects can be obtained by over-stitching up to three cords at the same time. (Different color thread and/or cords can be used.) Choose stitches with three steps, i.e. elastic stitch or decorative stitches, and adjust the width and length to accommodate the cords.
Caution: Stitch width NOT to exceed 7mm.

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