INSPIRA® Tear N’ Wash part #-
specialty type: Optional Accessories

INSPIRA® Tear N’ Wash is a stabilizer composed of microfibers inside of wash-away paper. The paper dissolves completely in water, but the microfibers stay locked in the design for continuous support. It is a great backing for embroidery on towels, blankets and loosely woven fabrics.

Sizes Available:
Tear N’ Wash, 12”x15 yards (620115696)
Tear N’ Wash, 20”x10 yards (620115796)


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Note: Do not use as a topper or stabilizer for lace, 3D appliqué, Richelieu, or cutwork.

Directions for use:

  1. Cut a piece of INSPIRA® Tear N’ Wash stabilizer large enough for the selected hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides).
  2. Hoop fabric with stabilizer together.
  3. Embroider the design.
  4. When the embroidery is completed, gently tear away the excess stabilizer.
  5. Any remaining fibers will wash out in the laundry. Some residual fibers may remain around edges.

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