Valentine gifts

Posted by Carina Thavelin

With only two weeks left until Valentine’s Day it’s time to plan for sewn gifts. I really like creating small things that I can send to my loved ones.

This is a cute and practical idea for this dark time of year;

Use the shape creator appliqué feature to create an old style reflex. The feature can be found on creative sensation™ and creative sensation™ pro

Here’s how:


  • Go to embroidery mode, Open the Shape creator and choose one of the appliqué shapes, there are several, both letters and shapes.
  • Change the size to the length and width you want. Long touch on Create applique and choose Satin stitch applique.


  • Hoop an Inspira tear-away stabilizer.
  • Thread the machine with embroidery thread both on top and in the bobbin.
  • Embroider color no1, this is the placement line for the appliqué fabric
  • Place the fabric and make sure it covers the shape. (If you want both the front and the back to look the same add fabric underneath the stabilizer as well)
  • Embroider color no2. Cut away the excess fabric without removing the stabilizer from the hoop.
  • Embroider color no3, the satin stitch.


I added an eyelet, pulled a nice ribbon through and attached a safety pin. Now it is safe to walk in the dark.





Hallo Carina,
herzlichen Dank für´s zeigen.

Mit freundlchen Grüßen
2/5/2016 11:37:12 PM

Betty Ruehling
would love to see when new things come out. Also would love to see the website updated more often. You had a quilt for Christmas on the website and the software had already been discontinued. I love all three of my pfaffs and love to keep current.
Betty Ruehling
3/4/2016 11:23:31 AM

I can not agree with Betty more strongly. I signed up for the Pfaff Newsletter months ago and have never received one. As you can see above the last posting for a project was February and we are now in June. I love my Pfaff and have just gone out and bought the new Passport 3. There are so many "Pfaffies" out there that would appreciate a lively newsletter and blog and it is so disappointing compared to what is going on over at Baby Lock and Bernina. Just a thought that this is somewhere you might really like to improve on your website and your loyal customer outreach.
Thanks for the chance to weigh in on the topic.
6/3/2016 6:56:42 PM

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