Finishing a UFO*

Posted by Carina Thavelin

I finished it!

There are so many different reasons why some of my projects are left half done as UFO's
(*Un Finished Object)

It could be that the embroidered part took so long that I kind of got bored, or I try it on and feel like it doesn’t fit, or I sew it for a special occasion and don’t finish it in time.

Anyway, last night I finished the dress with the Grand Dream Hoop embroidery, and it only took 2 hours. So sad that it has been hanging in my sewing room unfinished for more than a year. The only thing left was the lining and the sleeves. The embroidery is included when you buy the hoop and here I sewed it with a heavier gold thread and it was a challenge, but thanks to the Active Stitch Technology, where the machine feeds the exact amout of thread needed for every stitch, it worked out great.

So now I have a new outfit for tonight’s After Work.

Happy Weekend



This is a gorgeous dress. I am sure you will get lots of compliments and a few "where did you get that lovely dress" questions too.
6/8/2015 5:27:07 PM

Carina Thavelin
Thank you so much for your nice comments :)

Yes, it is a heavier gold thread from the brand Coats, called reflecta. It is a mix of metallic and regular thread. I used an Inspira Tear-away stabilizer and a top-stitch needle with a larger eye. Hope you start your embroidery soon.
Good Luck :)
3/30/2015 5:53:38 AM

Penny DuBose
So proud of you! It is just beautiful and I have put off stitching this one out because of the high stitch count. When I first started embroidering, I loved them, but now, this old great-grammie likes the light designs, but have to do this one now. Didn't see if it tells somewhere what kind of stabilizer and exact kind of thread you used. You said a heavier gold thread, but doesn't seem to be metallic. Love those kinds of details! Oh, and the kind of needle too...yep, guess I am done. Thanks so much for the picture, it is an inspiration for me to refer to. I have the Creative Vision 5.0 and love it. I have been sewing out all the sewing stitches so I have samples to go back to and even this is so much fun for me. Thanks again, hugs and blessings, Penny in Tennessee.
3/7/2015 1:42:53 AM

Diane Gregory
truly a work of art!!
3/6/2015 9:29:43 PM

Diane Gregory
truly a work of art!!
3/6/2015 9:29:41 PM

I can't seem to download the March project files, either. I've tried 4 different browsers and get the same error message that the files have been moved or renamed.
3/6/2015 6:01:45 PM

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