Embroidered USB Pocket Wall Hanging - Free Sewing Project

Posted by Darrelle Anderson

Have you ever wondered where you left your USB stick full of important designs?? We’ve all been there. How about a cheery place to put them? Make this adorable USB pocket wall hanging so that you’ll never wonder again. For a non-embroidered option, fussy cut a cute print in the center, or do a little piecing.


  • PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machine
  • ¼” Right Guide Foot for IDT™ system #820924096
  • Narrow Edge Foot for IDT™ system #820609096
  • Sewing Thread
  • 4 FQs coordinating cotton fabrics:
    -Fabric A: Solid colored fabric for embroidery/center (Light)
    - Fabric B: Inner border, trim for vinyl and ties (Dark)
    - Fabric C: Outer border (Focal Print)
    - Fabric D: Backing and front binding-trim (Medium)
  • 4½” x 8 ½” Clear Vinyl for pocket
  • Cotton Batting 10” x 15”
  • Press Cloth
  • Small Quilt Hanger
  • Buttons (optional)

For embroidery:

Download Project Instructions and Embroidery Design

won't open...using Windows 10
5/5/2016 10:20:19 PM

Carina Thavelin
Hi Olga,
You do not need software to create this project.
If you want to "open" the designon your computer, yes, then you need it. But you can copy it to a usb stick and open it in your machine instead.

Best Wishes
4/28/2016 4:04:02 AM

olga plaitis
why do i need to buy a soft ware to open the project?
4/25/2016 12:50:24 AM

Susan Reis
This downloaded just fine today on Chrome, can't wait to try it. I think I will stick the dongles in plain sight, too!
4/12/2016 11:25:01 AM

link apparently still is not working. Please advise when it is up and available.
4/11/2016 11:03:17 PM

Mary Jo Wheeler
This project link isn't working!!
4/9/2016 9:46:24 AM

Sharon Wickstrom
I cannot download this project either and am using Explorer - not Chrome. It just tells me this web page cannot be displayed.
4/8/2016 11:55:39 AM

Brenda Greene
I now get the picture of the project bur get "HTTP 404 error" when I try to download instructions and design.
4/7/2016 11:20:25 PM

Carolyn McCray
The link is still not working. I'm using Windows Explorer.
4/7/2016 7:51:22 PM

Carolyn McCray
The link is still not working. I'm using Windows Explorer.
4/7/2016 7:50:15 PM

Brenda Greene
Can not open the pattern or design.
4/6/2016 8:42:12 PM

I also cannot get the link to the project to work and I am using Internet Explorer.
4/6/2016 3:56:03 PM

Margaret Shoemaker
It doesn't work with MS Edge either. That's the replacement for IE. I can't open it with any of my browsers.
4/6/2016 9:37:47 AM

mary anderson
Did you a font from the PremierPlus software? if so, what is the name of the font used to create the text?
thank you
4/6/2016 1:18:34 AM

The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
4/5/2016 3:27:01 PM

The USB pocket wall hanging will not come up either.
4/5/2016 7:56:39 AM

Carina Thavelin
We are sorry to hear this. It seems to be problems using Chrome, but Explorer and Firefox works. Please try again.
Best Wishes
4/5/2016 5:05:02 AM

Can you please fix the April link. I am unable to view the project and/or print the directions and get the design. Thank you.
4/4/2016 9:11:29 PM

Is there a problem with your server. Cannot download this project.
4/2/2016 8:50:38 PM

Pam Morrow
You might need to get the link seen to - it is not working. TIA.
4/1/2016 11:40:10 PM

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