Sewing in leather

Posted by Carina Thavelin

My friend Karin has sewn these amazing handbags that I just have to show you. They are made out of real leather and has all the cool details with studs and metal zippers. We both stacked up on cool zippers and accessories when we went to New York together, we were like kids in a candy store when we saw the vast selection of fabrics and notions in the stores.

Karin is referring to the bags as her prototypes as they are her first bags in leather but I think she is too modest, they are really fab. When I asked her she said that she couldn’t have done it without the IDT, which helps her feed from both top and bottom for a perfect result in any quality of fabric. Depending on the leather and the machine it can be good to use the Non-Stick Foot for IDT System #820664096.

If you want to try sewing on leather, a good idea is to go to the local thrift shop and buy an oversized 80’ jacket or coat, then you get a lot of leather for almost no cost. I have collected a few of them myself and this makes me really inspired to start sewing!



Nancy Daly
Hi there-- Did your friend sew leather bags on a Pfaff machine?

I am thinking of buying one and need some advice!

2/21/2015 3:36:03 PM

Carina Thavelin
Hi Nancy,
Yes she did.
The IDT is a perfect when sewing on heavy fabric or several layers.
If you want to sew on a particular fabric, bring it to your dealer and try out the machine you are interested in.
Good luck
2/23/2015 3:53:22 AM

Love, love, love these!! I have a piece of leather that needs to become a bag...thanks for the inspiration!
2/23/2015 11:09:32 AM

Are the bag patterns available anywhere?
2/28/2015 11:29:44 AM

Carina Thavelin
Hi Linda,
No, unfortunately there is no pattern available.
Karin created the bags by looking at the measurement of her favorite bags at home.
You could probably find a similar bag pattern on Pinterest or in store.
Good Luck!
3/2/2015 1:27:25 AM

Carrie Gess
I'm looking forward to my first project sewing leather onto wool. Could you please tell me what size needle you used? How about the type of thread? Thank you!
11/20/2015 10:52:04 PM

Carina Thavelin
Hi Carrie,
There are two kinds of needles I think works best and those are stretch and leather. It depends on the thickness of leather and the texture. If you are sewing the leather onto woll, I would recommend the stretch, since the leather needle has sharp edges to "cut" through the leather and might damage the fibers of the woll. I would recomment a size 90.

Good Luck //C
11/23/2015 7:21:20 AM

Awesome talent!!The bags are beautiful.
Thanks for the accessory information, I have a very small project in mind.
12/26/2015 12:05:08 PM

Hi, these are beautiful bags. I have an older Pfaff (quilt expression 2046) with IDT and I'm having a great deal of trouble getting my underside stitches to be perfect (and not bunched) when using thick fabric such as leather and vinyl. I have tried different needles, including leather and denim and topstitch needles. I push my tension all the way to 9 which is the best setting but still it bunches. I've tried turning the screw in the bobbin a little to change that tension but that doesn't seem to work either. I've used topstitch thread and standard thread (it copes better with standard) and I've tried a standard foot and a teflon foot, but nothing I do seems to work. Any ideas? thanks
2/18/2016 5:44:16 AM

Lisbeth Johannsen
Hi :0)
Ohh I'd like to try that! I have a Pfaff Quilt expression 2046, can I sow in leather with that?? I guess I have to use a leather needle but du I have to usethe upper... Uhh whats that thing called in englisk... transporter? The one I use when I sow in thick material.

Kind regards
3/1/2018 8:31:11 AM

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