Maxi dresses

Posted by Carina Thavelin

The reason I love this type of maxi dresses is that it’s so comfortable yet stylish.

For a quick and easy project, I made this dress last week, 1 hour and it was done.

















The pattern is a favorite from that I’ve sewn before. It's for a top but I just lengthen it to become a dress.

I used a chiffon fabric so I had to line it but you can use any type of lightweight, softly draping fabric.
I think I’m going to try jersey next time.

I made my ribbon bow a bit wider, 10cm (4”) and longer. You can easily use a satin ribbon if you prefer.

For a quick last-minute project for summer, this is perfect!



Martin Robart
Nice Blog
3/30/2015 2:13:37 AM

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