Small gifts

Posted by Carina Thavelin

When I am invited to dinner and want to bring something as a gift I think it is fun to sew a small project. It’s usually very much appreciated and a conversation piece. A lot of people have no idea what you can create with an embroidery machine.

Here is what I created as a small birthday gift for a friend.

The purse is from embroidery collection #452 Handbags and more. It’s a really fun collection with small bags, borders and even some Cutwork designs.

This bag was all embroidered in the hoop. The fastening of the zipper and everything! It’s so easy.

A perfect size bag for jewelry when you travel, or all those small things that get lost in your handbag.

You have to try! It's addictive!



Hi Carina
I would like to make one of the bags from the #452 Handbags and more collection. How do I get the instructions please?
4/3/2018 9:32:12 PM

Penny DuBose
This looks like something that I could actually make and have fun with! I am going to check out this collection and see what it offers. Thanks for the pics, they really help and I love your choice of colors. Hugs and blessings, Penny in TN.
7/2/2014 2:40:15 PM

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