Pillow Project

Posted by Carina Thavelin

My latest pillow project was for work. This one will be seen in a campaign next year, still a secret, but keep your eyes open.

I found this cool kitchen towel that had a birch tree print and used that as a base. Then I used a red quilt fabric and created a monogram with a satin stitch around it. The colors red and pink creates an unexpected contrast. The pink shade was chosen to match the ball fringe that I wanted to use around the edges.

There are so many different ways to sew the back of the pillow. I usually sew an invisible zipper. With the Invisible Zipper Foot it takes no time at all.

I hope you get inspired to sew some fun pillows!



Kathleen Graas
What a crappy project. JNo instructions and not even interesting. Pfaff should take a look at the Bernina web site for ideas on what to present to customers. Pfaff is direly failing its customers in the area of projects.
1/1/2015 12:57:34 PM

Carina Thavelin
Hi Kathleen,
Sorry you feel that way.
We try to create projects in different styles and for different tastes and still have it be Pfaff-ish :)

Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to write step-by-step instructions for everything we create, so we try to focus on the tricky parts. Here it is how to sew an invisible zipper.

The fun part about sewing is that you can find inspiration in the little details, maybe just re-discovering ball fringe as a decoration.

Happy sewing!
1/7/2015 2:39:39 AM

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