creative™ 1.5

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Updating your machine


Version 0049 (2016-11-24)

Improvement in new update

  • Support to the Optional 100x100 Metal hoop 

NOTE: There are TWO versions of this update! One for machines with old cutting mechanism and one for machines with new cutting mechanism. See different links below.


All features from the previous versions are of course also included in this update.

Thank you for your feedback and ideas! Please continue to give us your suggestions; they are very helpful to make the best sewing and embroidery machine in the world.

How to update your machine

  1. Download and unzip the update software. Only the update file (labled OP314049A.lof or OP314049B.lof depending on the version) should be directly loaded onto your USB embroidery stick. Save the file at the root level, do not place the file in any folder, and do not upload any folder onto the USB stick. 
  2. Make sure you don’t have any older version of a .lof file on your stick.
  3. Switch off your PFAFF® creative™ 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine. Connect the USB embroidery stick loaded with the new software version to the USB port on your machine.
  4. While pressing and holding the needle up/down button and the reverse button, turn on your machine. Hold the buttons until the progress bar is shown on the display.
  5. The new software will install automatically.
  6. When the update is completed the machine will restart automatically. Check the software version number in the settings menu.

Embroidery Intro Software

The Embroidery Intro software helps you to adjust your embroideries on the computer before you sew. Personalize your embroideries in true 3D in a real hoop. Rotate your embroideries to any degree, mirror them from side to side or end to end and scale or resize your embroideries. Adjust an unlimited number of designs and lettering.

Adjust the colors to the thread shades from your preferred manufacturer, then combine with lettering or shapes. ColorSort to intelligently re-sort the color order of a design to reduce the number of thread
changes. Select multiple designs and move them as a group.

Add multi-line lettering with your choice of 4 line types and flexibility to resize and space letters
individually. Use the QuickFont wizard to create new fonts for Embroidery Intro software from most
TrueType® or OpenType® fonts on your computer. Add SuperDesigns to your project. Surround lettering or designs with a frame.

Instructions on how to download (pdf)


Product Activation Code

A unique Product Activation Code is needed to activate and use your Embroidery Intro software. The code is delivered with the purchase of your creative™ 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine.

Go to download page


Backup designs for download

This zip-file contains all embroidery designs, embroidery fonts and the embroidery collection overview book that are available on the included USB-stick at purchase. Download as a backup copy to save on your computer or hard drive.

creative™ 1.5 Backup designs