quilt expression™ 720

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Updating your machine

Expression 720 Version release - 19 (2018-11-22)

Improvement in new update

  • Support for the new Free Motion Ruler foot launching early 2019.

Download update release -19 (zip file)

How to update your machine

  1. Download the update software and unzip it to a USB stick. Save the file at the root level, do not place the file in any folder.
  2. Make sure you don’t have any older version of a .clo file on your stick.
  3. Switch off your PFAFF® expression™ 720 sewing and embroidery machine. Connect the USB embroidery stick loaded with the new software version to the USB port on your machine.
  4. While pressing and holding the reverse button, turn your machine on.
  5. The update starts automatically and you can release the reverse button when the progress bar appears.

Note: It might take up to one minute before the progress bar appears and you can release the reverse button.

When the update is complete the machine will restart automatically. Check the software version number in the settings menu.