Olet löytänyt paikkaan, jossa uusimmat ideat ja tekniikat käyvät toteen. PFAFF® -blogit vievät sinut uusiin ulottuvuuksiin aina uudestaan ja uudestaan. Katso, mitä kaikkea ompelun maailma pitää sisällään!

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Spring inspiration with cherry blossoms

20 huhti 2015 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Spring  feelings with cherry blossoms and a free embroidery download.

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Serger bag

9 huhti 2015 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Need somewhere to store your big spools of serger thread? Here’s a cute bag to keep them organized. Completely sewn on a serger.

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Sewing aprons

2 huhti 2015 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Aprons are really nice projects that works as gifts for almost everyone, wether they cook/bake or want to learn.

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Star sign gift

20 maalis 2015 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Sew your star sign as a gift or for yourself. It's an easy one-hour project  created with a triple straight stitch and Candlewicking stitch.

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Superdesigns in 6D™ Software

13 maalis 2015 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

There are a large variety of designs included in the 6D Software. One of the places you can find them is in the SuperDesign tab. Gunilla made a beautiful dress with starts around the neckline

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21 marras 2014 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Create new pillows for your sofa, bed or chair. Here are two versions; one with ribbon stitches and one with a harlequin pattern created in Shape Creator.

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Sew and cut

24 loka 2014 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

When I went to summer sewing class with Mikael Svensson I tried out several techniques that can be used for both quilting and fashion, here is one of them.

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Patchwork bag from fabric scraps

9 loka 2014 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

As sewers, we always have scraps of fabric that we hold on to. It might be from a beautiful, expensive or cherished fabric or just fabric scraps in general. Here is a stylish project made from scraps and the vast assortment of lovely 9mm stitches.

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My modern quilt

2 loka 2014 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

I can't say I'm a quilter, but have to say it is a nice break from sewing clothes and I enjoy the precise techniques. Read more about my modern quilt.

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25 syys 2014 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Read about the thoughts behind the projects and see some behind the scenes pictures.

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