Olet löytänyt paikkaan, jossa uusimmat ideat ja tekniikat käyvät toteen. PFAFF® -blogit vievät sinut uusiin ulottuvuuksiin aina uudestaan ja uudestaan. Katso, mitä kaikkea ompelun maailma pitää sisällään!

Mosaic Tile Placemats - Free Sewing Project

5 tammi 2016 Kommentoija PFAFF®

These beautiful placemats, inspired by antique mosaic tiles, bring an elegant look to your table.

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Fancy Bracelets

12 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Create bracelets quickly and easily with the PFAFF® 7/9 Hole Cord Foot for IDT™ System.

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Embellished Book Marks

11 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Create a personalized bookmark for the devoted bookworm.

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Felted Flowers

10 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Make a beautiful wintry flower arrangement as a welcome to your guests. By using felted flowers in your arrangement, you will have a decoration that will last for years to come.

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Baby Bird Hair Clips

9 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

What little girl wouldn't love a set of hair clips decorated with this cute baby bird embroidery?  Download the design file for free. The small embroidery is perfect for embellishing - great for mending too!

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Ribbon Stitches

7 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Add ribbons to your stitches and get amazing 3D decorative embellishments! Watch this film clip and see how it’s done.

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Decorated Neck Pillow

6 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Train, plane, car or bus. However you’re travelling this year, you will always need somewhere comfy to rest your head. Why don’t you make a personalized neck pillow to take with you wherever you go.

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Button Snowflake Cushion

3 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Many of us dream of snow during the Holidays. Since not everyone gets to live their dream a beautiful snowflake cushion could be the perfect substitute.

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Colorful Courier Bag

2 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Let the man in your life benefit from your love of sewing too. Leisure time for today’s men includes causal clothing as well as fun accessories (created by you!).  

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Quilted Hot Pad Leafs

1 joulu 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

These beautiful pot holders are quilted and sewn using small leftover fabric strips. Play with the colors of your fabrics and spend a relaxing time by your sewing machine.  

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