INSPIRA® iQuilt Frame part #620096296
specialty type: Quilting

SureTrack™ Dual Wheel Carriage Design
The dual SureTrack™ design improves stitch accuracy and eliminates flex while maintaining a smooth carriage motion.

1 1/2” Steel Rails
The 1 1/2” steel rails increase the overall rail strength. A two foot extension can be added to the frame, extending it out to 12’. The rails include the Fabri-Fast™ system for quick and easy fabric installation.

Steel Rail Couplers
The steel couplers bring enhanced rigidity and simplified assembly to the frame

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Optional Accessories:

2’ Extension Kit extends the frame from 10’ to 12’. (620096496)

Cloth Leaders are a time-saving product for accurately installing your fabric layers to your quilting frame. (620096396)

The enhanced iQuilt™ Frame is compatible with the QuiltArtist™ and QuiltArtist™ II automated quilter.  Contact your local dealer for more information or to schedule a demo.

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