Rolled Hem Foot

Hemming prevents the edges from fraying and results in a clean, durable edge. With the Rolled Hem Foot, you can hem light to medium weight fabrics for clothing and home decorating items without having to pre-iron the fabric edges.

1. Select a straight stitch, snap on the Rolled Hem Foot and engage IDTTM (if available on your machine). If needed, press only the beginning
of the hem to 2, 3 or 4 mm wide, depending on the size of your foot. Place it flat in the groove under the foot and sew a few stitches. Lower the needle into the fabric to hold it in place. Then raise the presser foot and pull the cut edge of the fabric into the scroll of the hemmer. Lower the foot and continue sewing while holding the cut edge up in front of the foot.
2. Do not allow fabric to run under the right half of the presser foot.

TIP: Hem crisp fabrics with a straight stitch. Hem soft fabrics with a zigzag that just encases the mm size of the hem. (Sharply curved areas are not suitable for this type hemmer.)

820220-096 B C D E F G J 2 mm
820344-096 A

820249-096 B C D E F G J 3 mm, with IDTTM
820284-096 A

820221-096 B C D E F G J 4 mm, with IDTTM