Perfect seams! No more fabric slippage!

Stretch fabrics? Absolutely even.
When sewing stretch fabrics and knitwear, the original IDT ensures that the fabric is not stretched out of shape.

Fine fabrics? Easily done!
Very fine fabrics like silk are evenly fed. No puckering or distortion of the seams. Makes sewing a pleasure!

Patterned fabrics? A perfect match!
Patterned fabrics such as stripes and checks should always match. The original IDT makes sure that it happens.

Mixed fabrics? Why not?
Uneven layers can easily occur when different types of fabric are being stitched together. The original IDT ensures that the fabrics are joined together perfectly.

The original IDT only from Pfaff! Fabric feeds evenly from both top and bottom.
Quilting? Sheer pleasure!
The original IDT is particularly useful when quilting, where a wide variety of fabrics and bulky batting layers need to be stitched. The layers are gripped securely from the top and the bottom.

Several layers? No problem!
Nothing should be allowed to slip when several layers are being sewn. The original IDT keeps everything from shifting.

Long seams? Perfectly even results!
The longer the seam, the greater the possibility of shifting. When sewing long pieces of fabric, such as curtains, the original IDT feeds both layers evenly along the entire length. There is no slippage! What a pleasure to sew!

Heavy fabrics? Perfect feed!
The original IDT feeds even the heaviest fabrics perfectly every time. And all stitches are the same length!