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More unique, versatile, and personalized than ever before!

"If you are a digitizer, you will be excited about the Pfaff creative 4D software. If you are not a digitizer, you will be EVEN MORE excited about the software." – Ray Templeton, Designer and Educator

“I continue to be amazed at all the wonderful changes! Selecting fonts has never been easier or more fun – there are so many to choose from and you can view them all at a glance.” – Kimberly Einmo, Educator

You are the creator! There have never been so many creative possibilities, nor has embroidery software been so easy and convenient to use.

You are the 4th dimension!

The world of embroidery is three-dimensional... and you are the 4th dimension – your ideas and your creativity. The creative 4D software can be personalized by you. Customize it for your embroidery machine, your embroidery hoops, your threads and more!

NEW! Create family charts and embroider your cherished photos with creative 4D Family Portrait! The creative 4D Family Portrait software is now available in English, and will be available in other languages during the autumn.

Pfaff has the embroidery software package designed for you!

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Download the creative 4D Software brochure in PDF format.