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The perfect accessory for lightweight fabrics - creative HOOP MAGIC

The Hoop Magic is designed to help you achieve a good embroidery result without having stabilizer underneath the fabric. Hoop Magic works perfect with thin, slippery and lightweight fabrics such as silk, organza and chiffon where you do not want stabilizer
bulk under your embroidery design.
Hoop Magic is available in four different sizes: 80 x 80, 120 x 115, 225 x 140 and 250 x 225 mm. Hoop Ease can be reused over and over again.

1. Place the outer embroidery hoop on a flat surface with first the fabric and then the Hoop Magic on top.

2. Place the inner hoop on top of the Hoop Magic. Insert the inner hoop into the outer hoop.

3. Tighten the screw as needed so the Hoop Magic will hold the fabric on all four sides.

4. Attach the Hoop Clips if using the Hoop Magic with either the 225 x 140 or 250 x 225 mm hoops.

5. Embroider the design. Be careful to not catch the Hoop Magic in the embroidery design.

6. After finishing the design, carefully remove fabric from hoop.

creative Hoop Magic
820593-096 80 x 80 mm HOOP
820594-096 120 x 115 mm RECTANGULAR HOOP
820595-096 225 x 140 mm HOOP
820596-096 250 x 225 mm GRAND HOOP