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Valentine’s Day

28 jan 2015 Skrevet af Carina Thavelin

Valentine's day is only two weeks away and I have collected some cute sewing ideas on my Pinterest board.  There is also a free download of an anatomic heart I created in Cross Stitcher. Hope you get inspired!

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Bias cut wool scarf

23 jan 2015 Skrevet af Carina Thavelin

This is a less-than-one-hour project that I found on the inspiring blog Purl Bee.

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Hair decorations

19 jan 2015 Skrevet af Carina Thavelin

Use the freestanding lace designs from collection #478 for more than Christmas ornaments

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6D™ Software Newsletter - January 2015

15 jan 2015 Skrevet af 6D™ Embroidery Software

This month, take a look at the ExpressDesign Wizard, the Modify Design Tool and the Motif Underline feature. Also learn about Fills in 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator.

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January 2015 - Free Sewing Project - Embroidered Bowl

1 jan 2015 Skrevet af Marie Duncan

Make this gorgeous dimensional embroidered bowl to accent your living space. Puffy Foam gives the embroidery dimension. The piping detail will set off your embroideries beautifully!

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