Skull top

Skrevet af Carina Thavelin

Sometimes you want to create something different. Something that stands out and shows the diversity of what you can create with a sewing and embroidery machine.

One of these occasions was when I was planning for a visit here in the office. We had invited the fashion/sewing students from the local college to get an introduction to what you can do with a sewing machine and accessories today.

I made an embroidery for a skull. Not a perfect skull, just a drawn sketch. I drew it and scanned in into the computer and then digitized it in our software. It is just a triple straight stitch around the holes.

I wanted to use this design on an over-sized relaxed jersey top.

When I embroidered it I added a layer of tulle underneath to add some stability to the holes when I later cut out the jersey fabric.

A quick project that you can easily do without an embroidery machine or software as well. Just draw your skull directly on the fabric.

The students really liked the fact that there were more to embroidery than the flowers they anticipated… 



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