Spitzen- und Bortenfuß für Overlock part #620096996
specialty type: Bekleidung

Mit dem Spitzen- und Bortenfuß können Sie einfach Spitzen und Borten mit einem Coverstich an Stoffe annähen und so wunderschöne dekorative Kanten und Effekte erzeugen.

How to use:

  1. Set the machine for a Coverstitch wide.
  2. Snap on the Flat Trim foot.
  3. Use default stitch settings. Adjust if needed.
  4. Insert the fabric edge into the lower section on the left side of the foot. Slide the fabric under the foot and under the needles.
  5. Insert the trim into the upper section on the right side of the foot. Slide the trim toward the back of the foot beyond the needles, leaving a short tail of trim behind the needles.
    Tip: Use tweezers to slide the fabric and the trim to the correct position under the needles.
  6. Lower the needles into the trim and the fabric. Lower the Flat Trim foot as you sew, hold the fabric in your left hand and the trim in your right hand.

Tip: If you want a finished fabric edge, press a ¼” (6mm) hem to the right side of the fabric before inserting the fabric into the Flat Trim foot. The lace will cover the fabric raw edge when sewn in place.

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