Paspefuß mit Führung für Overlock part #620097096
specialty type: Overlock

Mit dem Paspefuß mit Führung können Sie ganz einfach Paspeln, Biesen und Zierbänder gestalten.

Easily create your own piping:
  1. Set the machine for Chainstitch.
  2. Use the default stitch settings. Adjust if needed.
    Note: Although the machine recommends needle D, you will use needle E for this technique instead.
  3. Snap on the Piping foot. (The cording guide is not used for this technique.)
  4. Place the cord in the groove on the bottom of the foot and pull the cord tail behind the foot about 2½” (5cm). Note: ¼” - 5/8” (1.5 - 2.0mm) cord can be used.
  5. Cut a strip of fabric on the bias, 1” (25mm) wide.
  6. Wrap the fabric around the cord in the front of the foot. Slide the fabric under the foot.
  7. Lower the presser foot and sew over the cord and fabric (illustration 1). (Hold the cord behind the foot as you begin to sew.)

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