Träger- und Gürtelschlaufen-Fuß für Overlock part #620097196
specialty type: Overlock

Der Träger- und Gürtelschlaufen-Fuß ist speziell entwickelt worden, zum Nähen von Trägern und Gürtelschlaufen unter Verwendung des Coverstichs. Führen Sie einen Streifen in den Nähfuß ein. Dieser wird dann beim Nähen geformt.

How to use:

  1. Set the machine for a Coverstitch wide.
  2. Use the default stitch settings. Adjust if needed.
  3. Cut a strip of fabric, 1” (25mm) wide.
  4. Cut the top corner of the strip at a 45 degree angle to form a point.
  5. Insert the cut angle into the guide, right side of the fabric facing up. Pull the strip through the slot and under the foot. Extend the tail of the strip behind the foot. Usea tweezers to feed the strip into the foot if needed.
  6. Snap the Strap and Belt Loop foot onto the machine.
  7. Slide the strip approximately 2” (5cm) behind the foot.
  8. Lower the presser foot. Be sure both raw edges of strip are turned under before stitching.Sew the first few stitches. Stop and clip the needle threads close to the presser foot and continue sewing.
  9. For even feeding, hold the fabric strip slightly below the first guide in the front of the foot.
  10. Sew at medium speed. Check the fabric as you sew to ensure proper feeding.
Note: Sew the folded fabric strip without additional fabric underneath to create straps
and belt loops or sew the folded strip onto another fabric for decorative effects.

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