6D™ Software Newsletter - May 2014

Geschrieben von PFAFF®

This month we will focus on placing a basting line around your embroidery designs, using the Endless Wizard to repeat embroideries, and getting the most from the Windows® Explorer Plug-in. We will also share how to create your own motif patterns for quilting.

This months newsletter includes:

Did you know that you can add a basting line around part or all of your embroidery? The Automatic Basting Line Around Visible Stitches Automatic Basting Line tool is found in the 6D™ and 5D™ Stitch Editor Plus module on the Modify Page of the Control Panel. Use this tool to insert a rectangular basting line automatically around the visible stitches. (This feature is not available in 5D™ Stitch Editor or 4D™ Stitch Editor.) READ MORE.

You can print one embroidery design, several designs, or a whole catalog of designs using the 6D™ Windows® Explorer Plug-In. (Similar features are found in 5D™ Organizer or 4D™ Organizer if you have an earlier software system). READ MORE.

You can repeat embroideries as many times as you wish to fill your hoop, and stitch in a continuous sequence, creating an "Endless" embroidery. You can make any design endless in the 6D™, 5D™, and 4D™ Embroidery System software. READ MORE.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an Element and a Work Area? A Work Area consists of one or more elements or designs. You can think of the Work Area as the project and the Element as a part of the project. READ MORE.

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