creative™ Metal Hoop part #821034096
specialty type: Embroidery

creative™ Metal Hoop

Some fabrics are more difficult to hoop than others or should not be hooped at all, since hooping can damage the fabric. Thick and course fabrics can be difficult to hoop but also thin and glossy fabrics. Hooping ready to wear garments is also difficult or impossible due to seams, narrow areas or buttons/rivets.  When using the creative™ Metal Hoop 180x130mm hooping these fabrics won't be a problem!

When you want to embroider on quilts or other projects where you do no want residuals from stabilizer on the back side, the creative™ Metal Hoop 180x130mm is perfect. Embroider without stabilizer. Embroidering several designs after each other or doing endless embroideries is easy, just remove the magnets and move the fabric. Ready to embroider the next design in no time.

Hard to Hoop Fabrics and Finished Garments Include:
Thin stretch fabric, velvet, suede, leather and course fabrics.  We recommend INSPIRA Light & Tacky Stabilizer (620115396)

Lace & Free Standing Embroideries
If embroidering on light or shear fabric, or if you want to make free-standing embroideries or lace, use a water soluble stabilizer like INSPIRA Aqua Magic (620115396)


Standard Embroidery
Suitable for embroidery with tear-a-way stabilizer. We recommend INSPIRA Tear-A-Way (620112296)

Embroider on Quilts or Sturdy Fabrics
When you cannot use waster soluble stabilizer and/or you do not want residual from stabilizer on the backside of a quilt, you can embroider without stabilizer, but we recommend using an extra set of magnets (620132696)


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