Posted by Carina Thavelin

I always carry a notebook with me. I need somewhere to draw my inspiration sketches. Sometimes I find them at a reduced price and they might not have a pretty cover but that is easy to fix, I embroider one!


Here is one of my favorites; a brown linen cover with an embroidery from the collection #470 Romantic Décor. This is a “best of” collection with embroideries from several previous collections so it can also be found in collection #352 Regency Style.

I embroidered the design with cotton 30wt thread for a more vintage effect.





An easy way to create a matching ribbon to tie around your note book is to take strands of the thread, I used approx. 14-15, hold them together and sew over them with a narrow zig-zag. Settings; 4.0 wide and 1.5 long. Hold on to both beginning and end to make sure the threads are lining up nicely.














This is a great technique for anytime you need a matching ribbon and don’t want a fabric one.




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