Couching it Cool

Posted by Christine Flood

I love up-cycling! Or even just remodeling something in my wardrobe to bring it up to date! With op-shops everywhere, it’s hard not to pick up a bargain and have fun!

I also love using the Pfaff Yarn Couching Feet Set. If you don’t have one of these in your sewing kit, then you need to get one now!

With the Pfaff Yarn Couching Feet Set you can easily create decorative yarn embellishments both when sewing free- motion and embroidering. Two different feet will suit a variety of yarn. Detailed instructions are included with the product.


Today I purchased a denim skirt for $4 from the op- shop. I thought you would all love to do a similar thing, as making the skirt from scratch can be challenging.   As a dressmaker, I usually make my own, but sometimes I cheat like this. (It is perfectly acceptable to alter pre purchased clothing! We are all time challenged and don’t need to any extra pressures!) You could apply the technique to any article of clothing – pants, jackets, dresses.


I chose to use a nubbly cotton yarn for the couching cotton. I liked the colour, look and texture. Even though it has lumps and bumps, it does fit into the small hole of the couching foot and its usually this one I use. 


The number 2 foot seems to allow too much “play”, and the stitch often misses the yarn itself.  Included in my project notes is a special technique tip to reduce the risk of this occurring! Choose a heavier yarn to work well.   I have used many types of yarn over the years, sparkly, knitting wool, knitting cotton, it’s all great to experiment with.

I have also included the piping foot in this project too.  You would have used in a previous Foot of the Month project.   I find the piping foot, no matter which size you use, is the greatest foot to have on hand, for giving the best, and most professional finish.   Another favourite of mine!  

The Yarn Couching Feet Set has endless possibilities for decorating and adorning everything from clothing to homewares. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

Visit your local dealer today to learn more about how to Couch it Cool and up-cycle clothing as I have!

To learn more about our wonderful Foot of the Month Club, check with your nearest retailer for classes today!

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