Modern Table Runner

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Sew a modern holiday table runner for your festive home with ease. Decorate with appliqués and the endless cross stitch embroidery available to download for free. Finish with decorative 9mm stitches and needle art stitching around the edges. Follow our tips and hints below!

Supplies Needed

Determine the length/width of your table runner according to your table. Cut the linen to that size. Our table runner measure 23½”x57” (60x145cm)
Download, print and cut out the templates for the appliqués.

Tips & Hints
1. Use a marking pen to mark the centerline of the table runner. Place tear-a-way stabilizer underneath the fabric. Choose your favorite cross stitch pattern and sew a row of this stitch along the entire length of the runner. Remove excess stabilizer.

2. Transfer the appliqués to fabric and cut them out. Apply double sided fusible web to the back of the appliqués. Remove the protective paper from the back side. Arrange the appliqués on the runner as illustrated, place the first appliqué 4” (10cm) from the edge and ½” (1,5cm) from the center line. Place the others ½” (1,5cm) from each other (or as desired). Press in place. Stitch to the table runner using a narrow satin stitch to cover the raw edges.

3. Download the endless cross stitch embroidery. The design was created in the PREMIER+™ Ultra Embroidery Software. Use the Endless Embroidery Hoop and embroider the design 8” (20cm) from the centerline. Remove excess stabilizer.

4. Place stabilizer under the fabric and sew a row of cross stitches between the appliqués and the endless embroidery (6” (15cm) from the center line). Remove excess stabilizer.

5. Change to a wing needle and sew an entredeux stitch (or other stitch suitable for wing needle) around the table runner ¾” (1cm) from the edge. Fringe the edges until the seam is reached.

Entredeux stitch -

Download Template

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