Baby Blanket

Posted by Carina Thavelin

This week I made a baby blanket for my friend’s daughter Tuva. There are so many cute and fun fabric for kids out there right now. This is made from a stretch velour with a kind of retro pattern and colors.

Just choose a suitable font from the software, embroidery machine or design card. Create the name you want and transfer it to your embroidery machine.

I often just baste my fabric on the stabilizer in the hoop, I think that makes the placement easier. Another good thing is to placee a light water soluble stabilizer on top. This prevents the stitching from getting caught in the nap of the fabric. You can use this technique on any fabric with nap like velvet, terry cloth etc.

When the embroidery is done I just lay my top piece on the lining fabric, I used a fleece fabric, pinned it to the fleece and cut around it. Then I just finish the edges by sewing the two layers together with a simple 4-thead overlock stitch on my serger. I made it approx. 70x70 cm (27.5" square), that way I get two blankets from 70cm of fabric, 140cm wide.

This type of blanket can be made with many choices of fabrics and combinations, sweatshirt fabrics works really nice. I even sewed a larger, more elegant version for my sofa, with fake fur and fleece.

Here is another version I did as a christening gift, this one is sewn with raw applique letters created with the Arial font in Quick Font.

So easy, it only took approx. one hour.

Have fun sewing



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