Cute Valentine Oven Mitt

Posted by Christine Flood

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what a better way to celebrate than with quick and cute love heart oven mitt. 💘💘

The Valentine’s Oven Mitt is the perfect addition for adding love to your homemade meal.

Machine Requirements:

  1. PFAFF machine A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, K
  2. Bias Binder foot 6mm P8202450-96
  3. Standard 0A foot
  4. Standard 01 foot


  1. 2 x Fat quarter in coordinating fabrics.
  2. 1.5m x 25mm (1") purchased bias tape or alternatively you cna cut down from a fat quarter. (I prefer to do this, as the colour choice is greater, and fabric is a better quality.)
  3. 25cm Thermal interfacing
  4. General Sewing tools
  5. Pattern pieces

Cutting instructions:

Note: Print templates at actual size without any scaling.

  1. Using the template, cut 2 main heart pieces in main fabric.
  2. Using the template, cut 1 main heart piece of thermal interfacing.
  3. Using the template, cut 2 small pieces from contrast fabric.
  4. If using own fabric for bias tape, cut 1.5 metre x 25mm (1") wide.

Sewing Instructions: 

1. Using your bias tape, thread through the channel on the Bias Binder foot. Referring to the below image and the instructions on the back of the package.


Technique Tip: Cut the tape end on the diagonal and thread down. Use a pin or small tweezers to pull the fabric through. Remove the foot and ankle off the machine, and attach the Bias Binder foot, with the fabric attached. It is much easier to do this than put the fabric through when it is on the machine/

 2. Thread machine with contruction thread. Select straight stitch and adjust needle position to sew down the left edge of the fabric. Sew a few centimetres to check the stitching is sewing in correct position and adjust if necessary. Refer to the image below.


3. Using your small fabric piece, insert the straight edge into the slot in the middle of the foot. The fabric should be centred in the middle of the bias tape, with the bias wrapping around the edge of the fabric. Refer to image below. Sew encasing the straight edge. Repeat for the second side by sliding the 2nd piece into the slot, behind the first sewn piece. Much easier to do this , than cutting and starting again.


4. Continue sewing, while the foot is on and the tape is in, for the remainder of the bias tape. This will be used for finishing the project.

5. Take the two bias trimmed pieces and place onto the large heart. With a small seam allowancw, sew into place. Refer to the image below.


6. Place the thermal heart down on the table. Place the heart with the trim of the thermal heart, right side up. Place the 2nd large heart, right side down on top of the heart with trim. Using OA foot, a straight stitch width length 3.0, sew all around the edge with a 6mm (1/4") seam allowance - (I used my Purple Thang to make this easier) - leaving a small gap to turn through. Trim bottom corner, and clip into the heart shape. Refer to the image below.


7. Turn Mitt through to the right side, press edges firmly, and close opening with hand stitch.

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