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This month we will look at Thread and Needle effects, Satin stitch properties, and the ExpressMonogram Wizard.

Inspired Icons - Many fun thread and needle effects can be seen in the main 3D View 3D View in the Premier+™ Embroidery System and in Life View Life View in the 6D™ Embroidery System. The felting effect shown here can be seen only in the PREMIER+™ software.

Modules Mystique - This month we will look at what's new about using the ExpressMonogram Wizard in your Embroidery or Embroidery Extra module. In the Premier+™ Embroidery System the Monogram properties are retained for easy re-editing when you save the design using the .vp4 format.

Tips and Techniques - In the PREMIER+™ software all fill patterns are now available for a satin column. You can also use a multi-color gradient scheme. The Kids font is shown above with the standard fill and below with fill 231 from the Waves category.

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