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Welting Wonder

23 Jul 2021 Posted by Christine Flood

I have loved this foot since before working with Blessington. I would like to pay tribute to Larraine Jenkins, long time Educator for VSM Australia, for introducing me to the fun of using the Twin Welting Foot, it is often a mystery to may newcomers to the sewing scene and hopefully, this...

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Foot Of The Month - The Twin Welting Foot (P8205310-96)

4 Jul 2021 Posted by Debbie Lomas

What is Welting? Welting is a term generally used for thicker/ heavier piping. It is similar to piping with a few exceptions: Welting cord is generally a cord made of tissue fibres, twisted to form a rope, which is then covered in fabric. It can be single or double. It comes in different...

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