Foot Of The Month - The Twin Welting Foot (P8205310-96)

Posted by Debbie Lomas

What is Welting?

Welting is a term generally used for thicker/ heavier piping. It is similar to piping with a few exceptions:

Welting cord is generally a cord made of tissue fibres, twisted to form a rope, which is then covered in fabric. It can be single or double. It comes in different thicknesses to create different effects. Welting is the general term given when doing home décor projects. Some welting cords can be waterproof for outdoor settings.

Piping usually refers to garment sewing. Piping cord is generally made of cotton or polyester. The cord is inserted into a strip of bias-cut fabric. The raw edges are then inserted into the seam allowance to add definition or feature to garments. Piping cord also come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

The two techniques and feet are quite similar, except the Welting Foot can accommodate the larger sizes of cord.

The PFAFF Welting Foot and Twin Welting Foot are fantastic to make trims for your home décor projects like pillows, cushions, curtains and much more. It is quick and easy to make and insert welting and it adds the professional touch to any project.

The large grooves in the underside of the foot accommodate for the thick cording, allowing you to insert welting cord easily, quickly and accurately.

In this month projects, Christine shows you how to use the Twin Welt Foot to ……


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