creative™ 1.5 Folklore Pillow

Posted by PFAFF®

Create your own folklore design combination with the built-in embroideries in the PFAFF® creative 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine. The embroideries are combined and arranged in your computer using the Embroidery Intro Software included with the machine purchase.

Finished size: 9.5”x 21.5” (24cm x 54cm)


Create the embroidery combinations in the Embroidery Intro PC Software.
Below you can see how to place the embroidery designs for the combination of the Folklore cushion. Create a hoop within the Embroidery Intro that is equal to the size of the pillow: 540mm wide x 240mm long. This will make it easy to plan your entire layout.


Print out the combination as one design, as that will help you to line up the embroideries on the front part of the pillow.

In order to sew the embroidery it has to be divided into five parts to sew out in the creative Master Hoop 240x150mm. Create each area as one design and combine each section according to the template below.


Embroidery Combination 1:

  • Circular frame bonus design downloaded for free here
  • Single initial, Adina font (from the software) - size 25mm – placed in the center of the frame
  • Cr_007 (from the creative™ 1.5 USB embroidery stick) positioned as desired above and below the frame.

Combinations 2-5:

All the embroidery files are from the creative™ 1.5 USB embroidery stick as well as built-in to the creative™ 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine.

  • Save each embroidery combination to the USB embroidery stick.
  • Print out each section to use as a template on your fabric.
  • Draw marking lines on the center of each embroidery design as well as the center horizontal line and vertical line from the print out of the template for easy transfer of embroidery positions to the fabric, with a dissolvable marking pen to hoop correctly.

Decorate with Candlewicking stitches


Decorate between the combinations of embroideries by using the optional Candlewicking foot for IDT and the stitch #147 in your creative™ 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine. See illustration where to add the Candlewicking stitches.