Quick Fat Eighth Quilt Pattern

Posted by Alyce Blyth

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been on a mission to declutter my sewing space. We recently moved, and my new space is bigger and better, but does have less storage. So as I’ve been unpacking everything, I have been sorting into 3 piles – store properly, donate to charity, or destash. I’ve uncovered all sorts of projects and fabric piles! One such pile was some leftover strips cut from a fat eighth bundle along with a few full fat eighths remaining. I was inspired to whip up a quick brick-style quilt to use up the fabrics to make a little girl quilt top to donate to Very Snuggly Quilts – a local quilt charity at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

I used what fabric I had left, but the great thing about this pattern is that it’s easily made bigger by using more fat eighths! It’s also a great scrapbuster. I should also note that I didn’t fully finish the quilt, as I had several quilt tops to piece for charity, and not enough time to fully finish all of them! But I’ve still included finishing instructions in this pattern.


Finished quilt: 40” x 48” (102cm x 122cm)

You will need

12 fat eighths (9” x 21” or 23cm x 54cm)
46” x 54” (117cm x 138cm) batting
2 yds (183cm) backing fabric
1/3 yd (30cm) binding fabric
Standard presser foot 0A with IDT™ system
Neutral sewing thread


6 ½” x 24” acrylic quilting ruler – this will make it easier to cut the strips

Use a ¼” seam allowance. Press seams open.

Assembling the blocks

  1. From each fat eighth, cut two 4 ½” x 21” strips.
  2. Mix and match the fabrics into groups of four prints.
  3. Sew each set of strips together. Press the seams.
  4. From each set of strips, cut two 10 ½” x 16 ½” blocks for a total of fourteen blocks. Set aside two blocks.

Assembling the quilt top

  1. Arrange the six blocks into a 4x3 layout.
  2. Sew the blocks into rows and press seams.
  3. Sew the rows together and press seams.

Quilting and finishing

  1. Cut the background fabric into one 56” x WOF piece and two 8” x WOF pieces. Trim off the selvedges. Sew the 8” strips together along the short edge and press the seam. Sew the pieced strip to the 56” piece and trim to the same size. Press the seam.
  2. Press the quilt top and backing well. Make a quilt sandwich by placing the backing fabric right side down, the batting on top, then the quilt top centrally and right side up. Baste all the layers together using your preferred method.
  3.  Quilt as desired.
  4. From the binding fabric, cut five 2 ½” x WOF strips and trim off the selvedges. Join the binding strips together end-to-end using diagonal seams. Press the seams open and trim away each of the dog ears, then fold in half lengthwise, wrong-sides together, and press.
  5.  Sew the binding to the front of the quilt, folding a mitre at each corner, then fold it over and hand or machine stitch in place.
  6. Snuggle the quilt!


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