Piping Hot Storage Caddy

Posted by Cath Quinlan

I love piping, I truly do.  But when I was asked to do a project for our Foot of the Month club I was stumped.  I started three different projects and abandoned two before settling on my Piping Hot Storage Caddy.


My cushion project that you see below was my second project idea.  This was left for dead when I realized I needed to use a larger piping cord that wouldn’t work with the smaller piping foot I was trying to promote.  However, the concept of the piping feet is all the same, so I figured this blog was the perfect place to showcase the Welting Foot, P8205300-96.  Which is just a fancy name for the foot that takes a larger piping cord.  Now if you’re piping cord doesn’t fit this little beauty then head to the Grand Piping Foot, P8209770-96.  That little fella will cover all sizes that don’t fit the Welting foot.

However, if mini is your gig, use a rats tail piping and the Narrow Piping foot, P8209180-96, is for you.  That’s right, I said Rats tail Piping.  Strange name for a very fine piping that looks stunning in heirloom work and babies clothing.


The cushion pictured is a quick 2 ½” strip (I used the GO! Strip 2” Finished – 2 ½” cut die, AQ55017 to cut – brilliant!) stitch and flip background on a pellon base.  I then used a wave ruler to cut twice resulting in three curved sections.  I used the scissors to cut through the layers and swapped over each side.


One of the things that bamboozled me the most with this project was what colour to make the piping cord and have it stand out.  Hence the dark grey.  I can honestly say this colour scheme will not go in my house but I can’t go past the Alison Glass fabrics.  They just work so well together.

To create the piping for the curves I cut the fabric on the bias.  This is important to give the stretch as you stitch around each curve.  For this section I used the standard Piping foot, P8205320-96.


To complete the cushion, I used a thicker cord and stepped up to the Welting Foot P8205300-96.  This was put around the outside of the cushion clipping into each corner to create a nice finish.


I must admit to being quite happy with the finished project and look forward to making some more home décor that will match this cushion.


To learn more about our wonderful Foot of the Month Club, check with your nearest retailer for classes today!

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