Perfect 1/4" Foot With Guide For IDT System

Posted by Debbie Lomas

Have you ever had trouble sewing the perfect ¼” seam when patchworking? Does your block never end up the correct finished size? We have the solution for you!

Firstly, why ¼” seam? And what is a scant ¼” seam?

The ¼” seam allowance is an industry standard for all types of patchworking and quilting. The seam is large enough to hold the fabric pieces together and still small enough to reduce bulk within the seams and conserve fabric. Sewing a precise ¼” seam is the first way to get an accurately sewn block. 

Some patterns today will refer to using a scant ¼” seam, instead of a true ¼” seam. A scant ¼” seam is between 1 and 3 fabric fibres or 1 or 2 needle shift positions to the right smaller than a true ¼” seam. The reason designers recommend this is to allow for the ‘bulk’ of the seam allowance when the fabric is pressed to one side. All pieces are then accurate sizing. 


The Perfect ¼” Foot with Guide for IDT™ System is designed to help you achieve a ¼” seam or scant ¼” seam when piecing. The needle hole in the foot is oval shaped allowing you to adjust the needle position.

The distance between the centre needle position and the guide is less than ¼”. Depending on the weight of your fabric and thread, it may be necessary to adjust the needle position to achieve your desired seam allowance. The needle can be moved to the right to decrease the seam allowance, or to the left to increase it. You can safely move the needle threes steps in either direction, but not more.


When placing the fabric pieces right sides together under the presser foot, align the edge of the fabric with the guide on the foot. Sew the fabric pieces together and guide the edge to continually touch the guide.

The Perfect ¼” Foot is also wonderful for topstitching. Adjust the needle position and use the guide to place your stitching exactly where you want it on your blocks, garment, or home decor projects.


The red markings on the foot are set apart ¼”, which allows you to use as a reference point when you are sewing. Align the red marking up when you start sewing at the corners or at the end of your fabric for accurate sewing.

*Do not use the Straight Stitch Plate when using the Perfect ¼” Foot.

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