Drink Coasters

Posted by Christine Flood

How often do you find coasters look great, but they stick to the glass, and bang! It falls onto the table! These are guaranteed not to, as they mop up the condensation!

Happy Tipples!

Machine Requirements:

  1. All PFAFF Machines
  2. PFAFF Multi-line Decorative Foot Part #P8210820-96
  3. PFAFF Narrow Edge Edge Foot Part #P8211420-96


  1. 20cm plain linen fabric (for 6 coasters).
  2. 20cm cotton fabric for back of coasters (for 6 coasters).
  3. 15cm heat n Bond or similar.
  4. 15cm tearway stabiliser for decorative stitching
  5. Rasant thread for decorative stitching to contrast
  6. Construction thread to match fabric
  7. Bobbinfil in bobbin
  8. Fabric marker
  9. General sewing requirements

Cutting Instructions:

All instructions will now be in Imperial measurements as per standard patchwork and quilting measurements.

  1. Main Fabric - Do not cut yet.
  2. Backing fabric - fold fabric selvedge to selvedge and cut (1) 5 1/2" strip. Cross cut at 5 1/2" to make (6) 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" squares.
  3. Heat and bond - cut 96) 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" sqaures.

Sewing Instructions:

1. Using your main fabric, mark a line 5 1/2" from the raw edge, selvedge to selvedge. Place tearaway underneath and pin in place if necessary.


2. Thread machine with your chosen Rasant thread, to contrast, at the top of the machine. Insert bobbin with Bobbinfil into the bobbin case.

3. Attach Multi-line decorative foot onto machine. Line the 3/4" mark (far left as picutred) with the previously drawn line. Choose a decorative stitch - I chose the Greek key pattern first. Using the marks on the foot, sew along the whole strip.


4. You can choose any stitches you prefer for your next rows. I chose to butt all my stitches up, using the left hand 1/8" mark in the middle of the foot as a guide. This is especially handy when sewing satin stitch #7. Stitch with of 6mm and stitch length of 0.6mm. This looks good and solid on the fabric. 


5. Lastly, I chose the Greek key pattern again, using the 3/4" marker on the foot to guide me to sew straight. So easy!

6. When all stitching is completed, remove the tearaway stabiliser. Do not worry if there is some residue left behind the stitches as this will help with stability.

7. Remeasure your marked line of 5 1/2" and remark if necessary. Cut on this line. Crosscut the strip 5 1/2" to form 6 squares.

8. Take the pre-cut squares of Heat n Bond and, following manufacturer's instructions, press onto the centre back of each square, leaving 1/2" perfectly all around the edges. Do not remove backing paper yet!


Now press all four edges inwards onto the paper. This forms a crisp edge when pressing. Now you can remove your paper.


9. Now take your back fabric pieces, and press 1/2" on all four sides, inwards as previously. Press these pieces onto your main front embroidered pieces, to from one, lining up the edges neatly.

10. Thread the machine with matching top and bottom thread. Straight stitch around edge of coasters using the Narrow Edge foot or Blind Hem foot seam allowance at 3mm (1/8") seam allowance, stitch length 2.5.

Done! Now you are ready to have a wine with your new coaster!

Congratulations on finishing your project!

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