Multi-Line Decorative Foot

Posted by Debbie Lomas


Have you ever had trouble when doing rows of decorative stitching keeping them in a straight line?

Then the Multi-Line Decorative Foot is for you!

The Multi-line Decorative Foot is designed to help you create parallel rows of stitches that are evenly spaced.

The clear view design and vertical gridlines allows for greater visibility and helps to precisely align the rows of stitching.

Simply mark a line on your fabric which will be the centre of the stitching line. Sew your first row of decorative stitching.  Once your first row is complete, move your fabric to left. Use the red horizontal lines to match up the starting point of each row. Sew the new line of stitching using the red vertical lines on the foot as a guide while sewing. Continue with more stitches as desired.

Helpful Hint: When stitching decorative stitches, stop at the end of every sequence and realign the stitching position if necessary. By repositioning the stitching constantly, any inaccuracies are less noticeable than sewing several sequences and then realigning.

While the vertical guidelines help to evenly space your rows, the horizontal guidelines are great to match your starting points and accurately turn corners at ¼” (6mm) or ½” (12mm) intervals.

The Multi-line Decorative Foot can also be used as a guide when sewing maxi stitches.

Remember to always use tearaway on the underside of your fabric when you are doing any decorative stitching. Tearaway helps to stabilise your fabric, so less puckering occurs. Remove tearaway once you have completed your project, by simply, tearing away.

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