Foot of the Month Project: Heirloom Coat Hanger

Posted by Cheryl Bryant

Heirloom Sewing is one of the oldest styles of specialty sewing. This precise and delicate type of stitching is said to have been started in the late 1800’s by French nuns who hand stitched exquisite laces on delicate fabrics for the royal family. Their craftsmanship was so incredible, the resulting gown and linens were painstaking preserved and handed down from one generation to another: hence an heirloom.

Heirloom sewing is usually characterised by fine, often sheer, usually white cotton or linen fabrics trimmed with an assortment of lace insertions, pintucks, narrow ribbon and smocking.

With the introduction of the sewing machine, Heirloom Sewing made a comeback in the last quarter of the 20th century. Specialty feet, threads and stitches have made the techniques easier to accomplish.

Pintuck Feet

Specialty Pintuck Feet have been developed with grooves on the underside of the foot. Used in conjunction with a twin needle, the grooves ‘track’ the pintuck for straight even lines.


Pintuck Blade

The use of a Pintuck Blade will accentuate the tucks. The blade is attached to your machine’s needle plate and the fabric is raised by the blade during sewing to make the tucks higher and more visible.


Pintuck Blade with Decorative Stitch Guide

The decorative stitch guide allows you to accurately sew pintucks with a spacing of 5mm or 11mm.  This spacing them allows you to precisely space decorative stitches up to 9mm wide between the tucks.

The turnable feature allow you to measure from the left- or right-hand side.


Wing Needles

The Wing Needle, as the name suggests, has wide wings on either side of the needle. It literally pokes holes in the fabric. Use with the Entredeux stitch built into your machine to create beautiful decorative stitches and hems.


This month’s project, Cheryl put a modern twist on a traditional technique. Learn these techniques and more by visiting your local dealer today.

To learn more about our wonderful Foot of the Month Club, check with your nearest retailer for classes today!

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