Embroidered version suitable to make on the creative icon, creative sensation pro or creative sensation pro II Unembroidered version suitable for the new performance icon and the performance 5.2.



Glasses / Phone Case

Posted by Cheryl Bryant

Embroidered version suitable to make on the creative icon, creative sensation pro or creative sensation pro II Unembroidered version suitable for the new performance icon and the performance 5.2.

We have used embroidery in the centre of the ribbon stitches. Use Decorative Stitches or Maxi stitches in the centre instead of the design if you are using the performance icon or the performance 5.2 as these machines have the ribbon stitches but not the embroidery.


  • Main Fabric:
    • (1) 38cm x 15cm (15" x 6") for body
    • (2) 5cm x 11.5cm (2" x 41/2") for tab 
  • (1) 38cm x 15cm (15" x 6") of iron on pellon
  • (2) 5cm x 7.5cm (2" x 3" iron on interfacing 
  • (1) 11.5cm x 35cm (41/2" x 13 3/4") lining fabric. NOTE: choose a soft and silky fabric that will not scratch the glasses.
  • (1) 10cm (4") internal flex frame for opening
  • 6mm (1/4" wide double-sided tape
  • 2 metres (2.2yards of (1/8") ribbon
  • PFAFF 1/4" quilting foot - part number P8209260-96
  • Tearaway -
    • (1) 38cm x 15cm (15" x 6")
    • (1) piece to fit in embroidery hoop of your choice.
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Ruler
  • Marking pen 


  1. Mark a line lengthways down the centre of the main fabric and a further two lines 3.5cm on either side of the centre line, as shown:

Embroidered Version: 

With the machine set up in embroidery mode

  1.  Choose a design with the dimensions, no wider than 3.5cm and no longer than 14.5cm. Note: If using the creative icon, creative sensati9on pro or creative sensation pro II, you can use the resize function on your machine to make your embroidery design fit within the workspace. 
  2. Hoop tearaway in hoop. Align fabric with centre marking and baste in place. Embroidery design along with centre line. Once completed, remove from hoop, leaving tearaway in place.
  3. Return machine to return sewing mode.

Non-Embroidered Version: 

  1. Place the tearaway under the marked fabric. Select a nice Maxi stitch or three nice decorative stitches. Sew down the two rows on the outer two lines using the line as a guide while sewing. 


  1. Iron on the pellon to the back of the main, decorated fabric.
  2. Cut the main fabric and pellon back to measure 35cm x 11.5cm (133/4" x 41/2") to match the lining measurement. NOTE: Make sure the design is centred before cutting, removing equal amounts from opposite sides.
  3. Iron (1) 5cm x 7.5cm (2" x 3") piece of interfacing onto the middle of the back of (1) 5cm x 11.5cm (2" x 41/2") main fabric - tab piece. Repeat for second piece.
  4. Place double-sided tape on the wrong sides of short ends of the tab pieces as per diagram.

  1. Press the taped edges back evenly so the tab piece measures 5cm x 10cm (2" x 4"). NOTE: the interfacing will be a 2cm (3/4") in from each end of the casing to reduce the bulk when sewing up the sides.
  2. Press the tab in halk lengthwise with wrong sides together.
  3. Change to the 1/4" quilting foot.
  4. With right sides together, place the tab oiece in the middle of the short end of the main fabric. Place the lining on top, right side down and stitch the 1/4" seam across short end. 

  1. Using only the lining and casing, topstitch the lining close to the casing, be careful not to catch min fabric.
  2. Fold the fabric and repeat for the other end. 

  1. Fold the fabric and match the centre joins as per diagram. Change to the zipper foot and move the needle across close to the edge of the foot. Sew both sides close where the bulkiness of the casing tabs are. You will only sew around 2" long.

  1. Change the foot to the sewing foot 0A. Move the needle back to the centre position. Sew the remaining sides. Leaving a 31/2" gap in the lining on one side to allow to turn it through. 

  1. Fold both ends togehter ans sew around 1/2" long on the seams close to the end. This will stop the lining from pulling out when you pull your glasses / phone out.
  2. Trim the corners

  1. Change the stitch to a zig zag and sew up the opening in the lining.Turn the case through to the outside. 
  2. Thread the flex clip through then pin into place. Use pliers to seal the two small tabs each side of the pin to stop it from falling out. 



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