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Fancy Curtains (Or; hide the clutter)

19 Nov 2020 Posted by Bree Frost

Love your grown-up colouring books but felt it was time you could be using to sew?  Combine the two with some easily strung up curtains to hide the mess and keep that much needed mindfulness flowing where everyone will see it.

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Foot of the month: 1/4 Inch Right Guide Foot for IDT System

22 Oct 2020 Posted by Debbie Lomas

Do you still have trouble getting the perfect 1/4" seam when using a 1/4" foot? Maybe you 'wobble' just that bit or slip of slightly and the next thing you know your seam is out! Then the 1/4" Right Guide Foot for IDT System part #P8209240-96 is perfect for you!

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