6D™ Software Newsletter - October 2014

Posted by 6D™ Embroidery Software

This month we will look at the Design Creator Polygon Draw tool, creating an appliqué in multiple modules, and splitting a design in Design Aligner. In the QuiltDesign Creator software, learn about the QuickTrace Design tool.

INSPIRED ICONS - Polygon Draw is a good way to draw either a curved line, or one with straight sections. The Polygon Draw tool is found in the Design Creator module on the Draw tab, which is available in the 6D™ and 5D™ Embroidery Systems.

MODULE MYSTIQUE - Would you like to create designs larger than your largest hoop? With Design Aligner you can split that large project to fit your hoop and you have complete control over splitting designs. Design Aligner can be found in the 6D™ / 5D™ / 4D™ Embroidery Systems.

TECHNIQUE TUNE-UP - An Appliqué design can be created in many ways, depending on the type of appliqué you want. For a simple satin border around your design, try the ExpressDesign Wizard border option found in 6D™, 5D™, and 4D™ Embroidery Extra or Design Creator.

QUILTDESIGN CREATOR - If you want a quilting design to make a more continuous stitching path, use QuickTrace Design QuickTrace Design. The software converts the design to a picture, traces it and then opens a new tabbed page with the new version. The original is included as a background image.