Decorative Stitch Zipper Bag with Diagonal Pocket

Posted by Debi Kuennen-Baker

Can anyone have too many zipper bags? Well my answer to that is no! Especially one that shows off so many fabulous decorative stitches. They are fast, fun, and make great gifts for people of all ages. 


Sewing Supplies 

Fabric 1- 1 Fat Quarter- Black Tone on Tone-Back and Pocket 

Fabric 2- ⅞”W x 22”L - Bright Print-Bias Tape 

Fabric 3- ⅜ Yard- Bright Print-Lining, front, zipper tabs 

INSPIRA® Fusible No Show Mesh 

Fusible Fleece: ⅓ Yard 


Bobbin thread 

40 wt. Rayon embroidery thread (the sample used 9 different colors) 

Construction thread 

Feet and Accessories: 

Multiline Decorative Foot 821082096 

Zipper foot 


½“ Clover bias tape maker 

2- 14” zippers 

Generic sewing/cutting supplies: 

Rotary cutter, mat, ruler, pins,


Download complete project instructions.

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