Sewing With Kids On A PFAFF Sewing Machine

Posted by Alyce Blyth

When you have something that you’re so passionate about, whether it’s cooking, reading, or a sport, it’s always so heart-warming and soul-filling to see your children want to get involved too.

During the last school holidays, my daughter asked me to make her a new cape for playing dress ups. Her grandmother had made her one in light blue velvet, and now she wanted something in purple. I suggested that instead of me making it, that she be the one to sew it. She’s 7 ½ years old, that’s definitely old enough to start learning properly!

We went shopping and bought 1m of plain purple fabric, then set up the machine, a Pfaff Passport, on the dining table. I showed her a few options on Pinterest of different styles she might like, but in the end, she wanted a plain and simple option… which I think was more about which one was quickest to sew and thus play with!

To make her plain and simple cape, I pressed and pinned a generous hem along each edge, one at a time. The sewing machine was set at the slowest speed setting, and using a purple thread, she slowly sewed each along each hem.

The IDT (integrated dual feed) was incredibly useful to help her keep the fabric feeding through straight and evenly. We talked about where to place her hands to help guide the fabric, and when and how to safely adjust her hands when it was time to do so by lifting her foot off the pedal before readjusting. Plus she was able to carefully pull out the pins as they came along on the seam.

She also found it more comfortable to stand up to sew. The height of the table was too high for her little arms to reach comfortably to sew, but standing up was perfect. In future, we’ll add something grippy underneath the pedal so that it doesn’t slip as much on the tile floor!

While it took a couple of days to sew all four seams, she was thrilled with the result! We added a plastic press stud at the right place for her height so that it can stay in place, but a safety pin would work just as well.

She has now been a super hero, a princess, and a mysterious traveller with that cape, which has also been a picnic rug, a fort roof, and a blanket on the sofa. And all sewn by herself! She’s already planning her next project for the next holidays…

Alyce Blyth is a quilt pattern designer, teacher, blogger at Blossom Heart Quilts and Pfaff Associate. She started quilting when her babies were little while her family lived in Japan for 4 years, and now uses her teaching degree for quilty purposes instead. You can find her blog, patterns, book, plus sign up for her newsletter at, follow the fun on Instagram as @blossomheartquilts, or join the quilty chatter in her Facebook group!


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