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Couching it Cool

1 Apr 2020 Posted by Christine Flood

Christine loves Upcycling! In this article Christine uses the PFAFF Yarn Couching Feet Set to give new life to a skirt that was purchased from an Op-shop.

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Piping Hot Storage Caddy

2 Mar 2020 Posted by Cath Quinlan

Need a home for your nik-naks when sewing? This nifty Piping ot Storage Caddy is the perfect place to put those must have trims, ribbons and constantly used accessories. It also makes a statement as a stylish thread bin beside your machine.

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Boho Skirt (Or; sewing for sewing’s sake)

16 Feb 2020 Posted by Bree Frost

Bree takes a simple boho skirt pattern and redefines it into an Edwardian petticoat. Learn simple techniques and tips on how to alter patterns successfully to suit your needs.

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Dreamy Dream Catcher

23 Jan 2020 Posted by Letitia Moore

The legends of Dream Catchers have been used in many cultures around the world. Although they vary in design, the underlying meaning and symbolism is universal, carried across many cultures and language barriers. Head to our nearest local retailer to join the Foot of the month club and make...

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How to machine bind a quilt

7 Nov 2019 Posted by Alyce Blyth

Binding a quilt is the final, finishing step when making a quilt. Traditionally, the binding is machine-sewn to the front of the quilt, and then stitched to the back by hand. Alyce loves the speediness and security of machine binding a quilt. Find out how to do this and save your self time. ...

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Messy Mog Mats (Or; things we do for our pets)

6 Nov 2019 Posted by Bree Frost

Bree has come up with a great way to make dinner time tidier for her two beautiful fur girls. Easily follow along to make your own Messy Mog Mats for your fur babies!

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Fancy Spats (Or; They would protect your good shoes, but these ARE the good shoes)

11 Aug 2019 Posted by Bree Frost

Can't find the right shoes? Whip up some spats and make them look like the shoes you need.

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Tips for decorative stitching on quilts

30 May 2019 Posted by Alyce Blyth

Want to take your quilting to the next level by adding decorative stitching? Alyce steps us through the process with her PFAFF passport 3.0 and a super cute new quilt.

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Pantaloonies (I get asked about these all the time)

2 May 2019 Posted by Bree Frost

Pantaloons will quickly become one of your favourite items to have around as light trousers in summer and as under-skirt leg warmers in winter.   Check out how Bree made her latest pair "Chompaloons" and discover how easy it is to do your own!

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expression™ - Foot Cubes

2 Apr 2019 Posted by PFAFF®

Kick up your feet on these fashionable foot cubes!

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