Quilt Pillow Project - creative icon™ 2

Posted by PFAFF®
The PFAFF® creative icon™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine is the perfect tool to release your creativity. Create a fun and unique pillow inspired by the creative icon™ 2 quilt featuring an exclusive stitch technique, echo quilting and a free pattern.
Supplies List:
● Freezer paper 24x24” (60x60cm)
● Pen or pencil
● Fabric marking tool
● See color chart for fabric requirements
● Fusible batting 24x24” (60x60cm)
● Tear-away or wash-away stabilizer
● 1 zipper 22” (56 cm)
● Matching sewing thread
● Metallic thread for decorative floating stitches
● Matching embroidery threads for decorative quilting
● Scrap fabric for the backside of the quilt top 24x24” (60x60cm) (will not show on the finished item)


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