Star sign gift

Posted by Carina Thavelin

I have had the idea to sew my star sign for a while. My initial idea was to create a design in 6D Design Creator to embroider. Today I changed my mind. It would be so much quicker just to sew it instead. I had no idea what my star sign, Sagittarius, looked like so I had to google it. It was easy to find pictures of all 12 of them.

Here is a short instruction on how it was created using triple straight stitch and Candlewicking:

Star sign

You need:


  1. Put the stabilizer under the fabric. Pin your picture to the fabric.
  2. Choose a Triple straight stitch, length 3.5. Sew all the straight lines in the picture. I used the Open-Toe Foot for better visibility.
  3. Go to Stitch Creator. Choose stitch 6.1.7, a large Candlewicking, this will be the large stars. Deselect the stitch points by touching Multi-select. The last stich is now selected. Click delete . This is done because I only want the sequence not the transportation stitch. Click OK. Now we have a stitch that is to dense to sew. But that is ok, since we only want one single stitch. Click on Sewing programs. Click on Single stitch program and the number of repetitions are set to 1. Close the window by touching the icon again. And now you have only one “star” on screen. Click on Tie-off options and select Tie-off beginning, Tie-off end and Thread snips.
  4. Sew the large stars in your sign. I used the Start/Stop button because then the machine does everything for you.
  5. Go to Stitch Creator™ and repeat the same steps with stitch 6.1.1 and create the small star. All the sewing settings will remain selected. Sew the small stars.
  6. I mounted the fabric in a round embroidery frame I found in a thrift shop, but you could use any frame or why not create a birthday card.


P.S If you don't have Stitch Creator™ feature on your machine you can use the stitch as is, or another "star" stitch.

A quick and easy project for yourself or loved one.